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Chemistrie Sun Lenses

You'll Never Look at Clip On Sunglasses The Same Way Again

Now, for the first time ever, your primary pair of lenses can become a fashionable, stylish, high-performance pair of sunglasses-with the Chemistrie Lens Layering System.

Chemistrie Sunleses are the first "click-on" sunlens-a durable, polarized sunglass product that clicks on top of your existing lenses, snugly and seamlessly, using virtually invisible magnets built into your primary lenses.

The result is a click-on sunlens that doesn't look (or act) like a traditional clip-on at all; one that is practically invisible to anyone looking at you! See for yourself in this section of our website, and see how click-on sunlenses will change the way you look at clip-on eyewear forever.

Options for your sense of style Accessories for fashion and function

Have your pick from 8 standard colors or 8 mirrors. Either way, you'll have a polarized lens that offers 100% UV protection. We also have hardware that can match your frames for the most seemless look possible. For a finishing touch, add one of 12 available Swarovski jewels to your sunlenses. While you're at it, carry them in the flexible case, made to keep your sunlenses ready to wear time and time again.

Non-Mirrored Lenses12 Swarovski Jewel Options
Chemistrie Lens Non-Mirrored Chemistrie 12 Swarovski Jewel Options for SunGlasses
Mirrored Lenses with Back Side AR CoatingChemistrie Sunlenses Soft Case
Chemistrie Lens Mirrored Chemistrie Sunglasses Case

For more information, visit the Chemistrie Website.