For Eyecare Professionals

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Gary Burke
Territory: Northeast Ohio
Cell: 412-671-8853

Steve Daniel
Territory: Tennessee
Cell: 423-213-1414

Sandy Deustsch
Territory: Northeast Ohio
Cell: 216-544-4545

Tony Horn
Territory: Northeast Ohio
Cell: 330-990-3403

Scott Kern
Territory: Central Ohio
Cell: 419-351-4086

Rene Molina
Territory: Texas
Cell: 512-423-1208

Bruce Rylant
Territory: South Carolina
Cell: 803-429-1333

Gwen Stevenson
Territory: Florida
Cell: 407-399-4889

David Sylvester
Territory: Southern Ohio
Cell: 614-980-5572








We also offer continuing education classes for eye care professionals. Our educational staff provides training on a variety of topics, including staff training at every level and practice management programs to assist in increasing the profitability of your practice. Please contact Tom Kilnosky at