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iProformance™ – iProformance provides superior optics in a full back side lens design. iProformance symmetrical, soft design relocates astigmatism in even proportions to its nasal and temporal locations, allowing both eyes to work together.

Our patented Visual Acuity Booster™ technology precisely defines the customized distribution of power throughout the lens, optimizing one’s vision. All of our lenses are individually tailored to meet the unique requirements of a patient’s prescription:

  • Hyperopes benefit from dynamic intermediate and near visual zones
  • Myopes benefit from an optimized distance zone while supporting the near vision zone
  • Emmetropes appreciate a balanced design that mimics normal viewing
  • Minimum fitting height of 17mm for iCentauri Pro and 14mm for iCentauri Pro (Short) Digital Lenses

The Preferred Full Back Side Lens Design

iProformance Digital Lenses are significantly preferred over the competition.

  • All measures of near vision
  • All measures of intermediate vision
  • By managing astigmatism, they demonstrate 30% wider fields of view and less magnification and distortion